Spider Solitaire Enters The World of Online Gaming

Are you addicted to Solitaire? How about Spider Solitaire? Do you find that how many hours have passed since you lost yourself in a game of Solitaire? Do you find yourself playing free Solitaire on your phone, tablet or PC during coffee breaks? If you have answered yes to the above, we are certain that you will just love our version of Spider Solitaire on Facebook! 

Enter the World of Solitaire with our version of the timeless card game. The new version is based on the version made popular by Tri-Peaks. In this version, players remove any dealt cards that are either lower than the top card or one step higher.

Our Spider Solitaire variant provides our users with a different layout of cards with each new game. This provides players with a game that increases in complexity and challenge level. Oh, and don’t worry! We don’t use real spiders so those who have a fear of spiders can play without the fear of being attacked by a furry eight-legged creature whilst enjoying our exciting brand of Solitaire

An in-play tutorial is offered for the first few levels of our Solitaire game. This will guide you on how to play as well as explaining how to clear the cards. Below we have provided more details on some of the advanced features such as how to earn coins and get game boosts. Anyone who has prior experience with web-based games via social media platforms should have no problem following our version on online Spider Solitaire.

With 300+ levels that will challenge your skills and stimulate your mind, our new take on Classic Solitaire will have you hooked in minutes! You won’t be able to put stop playing!

Why You Should Play Online Spider Solitaire

Otherwise, known as Patience, Solitaire has been around for hundreds of years. Due to its simple and practical nature, this entertaining game can be played anytime, anywhere by anyone with a love for card games!

In today’s advanced world, there are literally dozens of variations of Classic Solitaire to entertain idle minds. Thanks to online technology, the game has become universally accessible as it is available on smartphones, computers and tablets alike!

As it is suitable for every age, Spider Solitaire is a great way to help younger children with their mathematics skills. We guarantee that you will not tired of our continually changing layouts and evolving obstacles. As with any online game with the ability for in-app purchases, children can play for hours as long as they have adult supervision.

The major appeal of our exciting new version of Solitaire is that players can challenge their friends, family, and online pals to beat their latest high score. Get ready to bring out your competitive nature and let the World of online Spider Solitaire commence!

How To Play Spider Solitaire

Basic Rules

The goal of online Spider Solitaire is to clear the entirety of the cards that the game has dealt to you. The majority of the cards are face-down, only to be revealed once you have cleared the overlapping cards. You can achieve this by clicking on cards that are one number value higher or lower than the card atop the remaining deck. For example, if you have a five of spades, you can only clear it with a card that has a value of four or six (regardless of the suit).

Keep in mind that with every level, there are a number of “goal cards.” Once these have been cleared, you will then progress to the next level, whether you have cleared the remainder of the board. However, as you will see below, this is not always the best method of play.

Level Progression

Each level on online Solitaire allows the player the chance to earn stars. You will earn one star for cleaning all the “goal cards”, a second for achieving a predetermined score and a third if you clear the entire board. These stars will unlock more game features. However, only the first star is required to progress to the next level. But the other stars will allow you to reach your goals faster, which makes it easier for you to unlock more features and receive more game boosts.

Coins & Boosts

In addition, you can earn silver or gold coins depending on your skills on each level of Spider Solitaire. These coins will continuously accumulate and can be spent online. Silver coins can be used to purchase pregame boosts. You will select these boosts before your Solitaire cards are dealt. These include such bonuses as an extra joker card, additional cards in your deck and 10%   points for your current round. All of these bonuses can be used to help you clear the board and achieve a higher score.

Gold coins are used to purchase in-game boosts. These include the ability to buy an additional joker card to the chance to reshuffle those cards that are face up.

As you win a set number of stars over the course of several Solitaire levels, you can earn more in-game boosts. These can either be used right away or saved until they are needed. This is an easy and free way to earn valuable game boosts. It may take some time to reach your goal as the number of stars required to reach these boosts increases as the game progresses. Purchasing more gold coins can give you the chance to buy boosts as they are needed as opposed to waiting for them to build up.

Why Spider Solitaire is Such an Amazing Game!

As an entertaining way to fill your downtime, Spider Solitaire will keep you constantly on your toes. You can challenge your online friends by sharing your store and daring them to beat it! Your Facebook friends that play as well will be able to view your leaderboard. As well, you can send and receive game boosts, which means you can withhold them as a strategy to beat your friends or systematically pool your resources.

What are you waiting for? Sign up to pay Online Spider Solitaire today! We promise that you will be positively riveted by this enticing venture into the challenging World of Solitaire!